The Swallow SS-1 is a British sports car and produced from 1932 to 1936. It is 15 feet 6 inches long, 5 feet 5 ½ inches wide, and weighs approximately 2300 pounds. Original price was L335.

Swallow Sidecar Company of Coventry, England began building automobiles in 1927 and introduced the Swallow SS-1 in 1931 at the London Motor Show. Engines, transmissions and chassis were built for Swallow by Standard of England to designs by Swallow. Special low-slung frames and swoopy bodies were the hallmark of these special sporty English cars. The cars were remarkable for their styling and low cost rather than performance, with 75 mph the top speed.

The Tourer was launched in 1934 and the chassis was modified to give a wider track and better footwells.

This 1935 SS-1 features a 2668 cc 6 cylinder flathead, 7 main bearing engine, dual carbs, and a 4-speed transmission.

Only 78 of these cars were built and only 7 are known to exist today

The next year of production, in 1936, this model received a new name – JAGUAR.