This Series 1400 four-door sedan was produced by the Packard Motor Company of Detroit Michigan, and appears to be the only model made in this series – the 14th. The numbers jumped from 12th to 14th because of superstition – no 13th series was made.

Our sedan has a 127” wheelbase, L-head straight engine, 8 cylinders, 320 cid, 130 hp, 3 speed transmission, Stromberg carburetor EE23, dual side-mounted spare Tires, and 4-wheel mechanical brakes, weight 4,815 pounds – this was the last year Packard used mechanical brakes.

A few changes were made from the 12th series – chrome strip ribs were added to the headlights, the radiator was “sloped another further back”, and the fenders modified. Engineering changes included increasing the displacement on the L-Head Eight to 120 bhp, Delco-Remy ignition with an octane selector and the clutch bearings were now permanently lubricated.

The dual side-mounted spare tires were optional equipment, as was the radio and heater. Price of the sedan was $2,385, and 3,973 of these vehicles were produced in 1936.

Who owned this classic vintage sedan? It belonged to a resident of South Bristol, Maine and was, incredibly, a two-owner car, occasionally making round-trips to Nova Scotia. It is mostly original except for the chrome bumpers – paint and upholstery appear to be original.