The 1930 Speedster made its debut in the summer of 1929, was designed by Raymond H. Dietrich and early models were equipped with a 3.92 axle to help it live up to its name. Franklin offered two series in 1930, the 145 and 147, named for their wheelbase. Both had 95 HP, a significant amount of power for that year.

The Model 147 was the long wheelbase chassis for 1930. Several body styles rode on this chassis including the 7-passenger, roadster, Dietrich speedster and a few custom styles. Most of these were closed styles with canvas tops although a convertible could be ordered at extra cost..

Our Speedster has 4 doors for 4 passengers, 132” wheelbase, Stromberg carburetor, a 20 gallon gasoline tank and 6 quart oil tank, weighs 4140 pounds and original cost was $3,425. Franklin made 10 models plus custom models in 1930, and total output for the year was 6,043 vehicles.

A 1930 Speedster was famously driven by Colonel Charles Lindbergh, and a 1931 by Captain Frank Hawks whose airplane transcontinental speed record of 12 hours, 25 minutes and 2 seconds broke the prior record set by Col. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Competition and publicity.

Throughout its history, Franklin was a luxury car and competed with other upscale automobiles of that day. As such, it fell victim to the Great Depression along with many other car manufacturers. The company sold about 150,000 cars over their 30 years in existence, closing its doors in 1934.