To a collector or restorer of a vintage vehicle, to call a depot hack “handsome” would certainly not be ordinary. But - and we admit it - this example is.

You will not find finer wood work on any other early depot hack. It is quite exceptional and certainly exceeds what would have been done in 1924. This coach work/restoration was created by the craftsmen at world-renowned local Hodgdon Yachts of East Boothbay.

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In 1924:


- For the first time, all the cars at the National Automobile Show had gasoline engines

- The first Winter Olympics are held in France

- Gasoline is 24 cents a gallon

- Ford Motor Co. stock now valued at nearly $1 billion.

- New York City taxi rates cut to 10 cents per half mile

- The average employed American earns $1293 annually

- The first Ethyl (leaded) anti-knock gasoline goes on sale

- Dodge produced the first all steel car

- Ford prices drop to $265 for the runabout and $295 for the Touring

- U. S. population was 114,100,000

- New home (median price) $7,720

- New in 1924: Wheaties cereal, Kleenex tissues, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, self-winding watches and Tootsie Toys.