This 1930 Ford Model A pickup truck is the forerunner of the Ford Motor Company’s venerable F Series trucks that debuted in 1948 and is still in production. For all of Henry Ford’s concerns for the comforts of the working man, the automaker was remarkably late in producing a factory-built pickup. Chevrolet and Dodge had beaten him to it. Still, when the first Model A was produced in 1928, Ford trucks instantly led the pack.

Henry Ford didn’t develop the Model A on his own. Many felt he clung to the sorely outdated 1908 to 1927 Model T far too long. His son, Edsel, encouraged a new design that debuted as the streamlined and graceful Model A. More than 50 Model A vehicle styles were produced between 1928 and 1931. More than a dozen Model As were truck based, including panel delivery trucks, and seven of those were pickups.

The 1930 Ford Model A pickups were limited to three body styles, open cab, closed cab, and pickup box, in which the cargo box was sold with the cab instead of separately. The pickups were stripped-down models or were featured with Deluxe trim. The Deluxe model was equipped with a stainless-steel radiator, wide whitewall tires, chromed spare-tire cover and two-tone paint schemes.

Standard equipment was a six-volt starting system, spare tire mounted on the left fender, 4-wheel mechanical brakes, hand-crank windshield wiper, steel cab, roll-up windows, running boards and a tool kit.

Our Model A chassis has a 103.5” wheelbase, is a half-ton model 165” long and weighs 2265 pounds. Buyers could order any engine for the Model A truck, so long as it was the 40 hp, 200 c.i.d. four-cylinder motor with 4-speed manual transmission.

The cowl for 1930 was smoothed out to integrate better with the cab and engine compartment. The hood was raised slightly, fenders restyled - the windshield could be pushed out for ventilation. The open-cab model featured a removable top and allowed for the windshield to fold flat onto the cowl.

Total worldwide production for 1928 to 1931 shows Ford Model A trucks was 539,786. A total of 48,378 Model As were produced in 1930. The 1928 to 1931 Model A pickup captured 11.11% of the worldwide truck market, including the U.S. and 11.16% of the North American truck market. The Model A accounted for 10.68% of the foreign truck market.

This 1930 Model A pickup sold for $395.