The Model A was made for only four years, 1927 to 1931 – our Town Car Sedan was one of the last ones produced - none were made in December of 1931 This automobile was the top of the line of Model A, the most popular car of the era, and is now a treasure to collectors.

The Town Car has three seats, four doors and room for five passengers. It weighs 2,475 pounds, is 69 inches tall and 152 inches long from bumper to bumper. The windshield is slightly slanted and it has heavy wire spoke wheels with 18” by 4.75” balloon tires.

All of the Model A cars had the same engine and power-train. The car was powered by a 200.5 c.i.d. engine that was rated 24 hp, a standard transmission with four forward gears, and had a 10 gallon fuel tank.

Original selling price was $600 and the color is black with Thorne Brown.

Our Model A Town Car Sedan has been beautifully preserved and maintained. It would pass a “today” vehicle inspection and ,with a turn of the key, could be “taken for a spin”.