This is a very early Model A Ford. The AR designation indicates that it was one of the first Model A’s built, and the serial number (A4095) indicates that it was built in December 1927 – the first new 1928 Model A came off the line on October 20, 1927.

There are differences between the Model AR and the A – the AR has the handbrake located on the door side of the driver’s seat instead of in the middle of the car, different style clutch and different style generator often called the “banjo” style, wheel rims are a bit more narrow, and the steering wheel is red. There are enough differences, including in the body, that it would pose a significant challenge to the restorer of one of these cars.

Our Model AR is reported to be one of the first Model A’s shipped to Maine. It was probably used as a dealer demonstrator as early shipments were slow coming, and new Fords were very scarce. The official introduction was December 2, 1927, but it was several months before all back orders were satisfied and there were ample numbers of cars to stock dealer showrooms.

The name Model A was first used by Ford Motor Company in 1903 – it was also known at the “Fordmobile”. This was the first vehicle produced by Ford, production of the first generation Model A lasted from 1903 through 1905 with an output of 1,750 vehicles.

As production came to a close for the Model T, Henry Ford halted all production for six months to retool the equipment and prepare for the production of the second generation Model A. The public eagerly awaited the sale of the Model T’s replacement and were not disappointed. It was a “stylish and elegant” vehicle designed by Henry Ford’s son, Edsel. The exterior of the Model A had design cues taken from the Lincoln, making this Model A modern, fresh, and refined – many referred to it as a “baby Lincoln”.

This Model A was complex yet far easier and simpler to operate than the car it was replacing. It was powered by a new inline four-cylinder engine that developed twice the horsepower. Other features included four-wheel, cable operated mechanical brakes, welded steel wire wheels, and Houdaille-type double-acting shock absorbers.

The Model T had been available in only one color (black) – the Model A was offered in several colors including gray, green and black. Just like the T, the A was available in multiple styles, including roadster, rumble seat roadster, coupe, Tudor and Fordor closed cars, and even a taxi cab.