In 1923, some auto manufacturers offered their depot hacks and station wagons as special orders. Independent body builders were then contracted to manufacture and assemble the items. One such builder was the Hercules Mfg. Co. of Evansville, IN. Many times, the bodies were manufactured in ‘knock-down’ form and later assembled at the dealer location. The alternative was to have the manufacturer ship the chassis and the body builder would then assemble the vehicle ‘in house’.

And, in 1923:

- The first baseball game played in Yankee Stadium

- Women’s one-piece “swimming suits” began to be worn

- Insulin is introduced in Canada for the treatment of diabetes

- World’s first domestic refrigerator is sold in Sweden

- Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as President after the death of President Warren Harding

- Tweed knickers sold for $1.55

- First portable radio developed in the U.S.

- A dozen eggs? 25 cents

- A two-bedroom flat rented for $40 a month in New York City

This is Our "Touch" Vehicle

Not only can you “touch” this hack, but you and your spouse, children, and friends can sit in it and imagine that you are driving down a narrow dirt road in Maine. Notice the driving controls; accelerator, it's a lever on the steering column, the three transmission pedals on the floor, the lack of instrumentation, only an ampere meter, and what else can you spot?

Indeed there are no cup holders, gas gauge, speedometer, temperature gauge, instrument panel lights, etc.