Brud’s "Hot Dog Wagon" is actually a 1964 Cushman Truckster powered by an opposed two cylinder 18 hp gasoline engine, and. fitted with a three speed manual transmission including a reverse gear.

Cushman started building gasoline motors for farm equipment in 1903 and started selling motor scooters in 1936 as way to increase sales of their motors.  The motor scooters were manufactured until 1965 when the company focused on their three wheel trucks similar to Brud's Hot Dog Wagon. Other uses for the trucksters included, police patrol, meter maids, ice cream vendors, turf maintenance, one was reportedly outfitted as a fire truck for the Pentagon, and of course a golf cart. Cushman scooters ceased production in 1965 and Cushman as a separate company ceased in 2003, and is now owned by Textron, Inc. 

For over 50 years he stood by his orange“wagon” dispensing his steaming hot dogs - “You want everything on it” usually brought a nod and mayonnaise and chopped onions were added to the hot dog. The Town of Boothbay Harbor “grandfathered” him. His would be the only “street pedlar”/victualler’s license issued in the town. After hours, wherever there was music, you could find Brud sitting nearby playing his spoons – something he learned to do when he was younger and was the “end man” at a minstrel show in the Opera House. And, as an older gentleman, he was ‘showcased” there again, on the stage and playing his spoons.