The first Ford Model T was built in 1908, and a few years later in 1911, Ford offered a factory-built truck on the T chassis for the first time. A commercial roadster and enclosed delivery car were available but not with a permanent roof to offer protection for the driver. In October 1911 Ford introduced the C-Cab Delivery. It was given this name because of the design of the roof.

The Model T was designed by Henry Ford, Childe Harold Wills, Joseph Galambe and Eugene Farkas. The “T” had a 100” wheelbase, it’s own vertical L-head, a 177 cubic inch four-cylinder motor in the front that powered the rear wheels, 20 HP engine capable of a top speed of around 45 mph, three main bearings and side valves, and the ten-gallon fuel tank beneath the front seat was mounted on the frame. Wooden “artillery” wheels were standard, tires were 30x3” on the front and 30x3.5 in the rear with non-demountable wheels – if a flat occurred, the tire had to be removed from the rim and a new tube installed. The engine started with a hand crank located at the front of the vehicle. The crank was very difficult to operate and has been the cause of many broken arms.

A three-speed planetary gear type transmission was used in the Model T – the three-speed unit was actually two-speeds forward plus one reverse with no clutch pedal. Shifting was handled by floor pedals that did not require a clutch. Also, on the floor was a third pedal, which operated the reverse gear, the throttle, was controlled by a lever on the steering column, neutral was located by the parking brake lever. The other foot pedal applied a band around a drum in the transmission, the parking brake lever operated the band brakes on the outside of the rear brake drums. When the hand lever was pulled back, the brake was engaged and the drive gears were disengaged. The suspension was a transversely mounted semi-elliptical spring for both the front and rear. Brass horn, radiator and acetylene lamp headlights.

There were over 200 automobile manufacturers during the early 1900s. The average production figures for a factory were a couple of hundred vehicles a year.

Our C-Cab Delivery was one of the first of its kind made by Ford, in the last three months of 1911, totally hand-crafted. The Model T’s were not assembly-line built until 1914.