Hillside Village

Like the fishing village, the hillside village does not represent a specific prototype.  It is intended to show an inland village of the 1950s that is served by two railroads.  The standard gauge main line passes through the village with stops at the depot or freight station. At the bottom of the hill, a spur track serves a small industry (to be determined) and a team track where freight cars can be unloaded into trucks or tractors for the John Deere dealer can drive down the ramp and up the hill to the showroom. The village is also the base for the narrow gauge railroad.  The narrow gauge facilities include an engine house, servicing, a depot and a freight station that serves standard gauge on one side and narrow gauge on the other.


A number of businesses are located on the hill.  They will include a diner, a fire station, a general store with attached post office and a Texaco gas station.  Further up the hill will be the John Deere tractor dealer and some houses.


Work started on this part of the layout in late summer 2012, and much work remains to be done.  The fire station, gas station and tractor dealer buildings are finished; kits for other buildings have been purchased.  A number of buildings in the photos have been placed temporarily and will be removed when the final structures are completed. 

Photos by George Paine

Created 5-2013


Narrow gauge servicing and yard area is under construction and the double track standard gauge main line is complete except for ballasting

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